Okay so – let’s just say it’s been a while and move on…

In all seriousness it has been TOO long since I have posted on my blog (which I will address in another post) – but first things first, lets talk about how to grocery shop in 2020.

You might be thinking I’m ridiculous and of course everyone knows how to grocery shop – but give me a second… this is about COVID-19 grocery shopping. Some do’s and don’ts to make everyone happy…

(Edit: After PM’s announcement – try to shop online if possible but if you can’t avoid going into a shop then check out info below. I still believe it is best to prioritise vulnerable people and self isolating people for online deliveries so those of us who can will likely still be going into stores. )


  • Buy your NORMAL grocery shop
  • Practice social distancing wherever possible (e.g. leave big gaps when queuing, don’t stand close to other people)
  • Make the effort to go into stores to grocery shop UNLESS you are socially isolating (quarantining)/a vulnerable person/live with vulnerable people/have a valid reason to order online (this frees up delivery spots for those people who need it) EDIT: After PM’s announcement – try to make use of online deliveries wherever possible, however they are very scarce at the moment. 
  • Use card payments if you can (as opposed to cash)
  • Buy nutritious food to keep your body healthy (as you should be doing anyways!)
    • Food lists not only cut down on unnecessary purchases (saving money) but also ensure less food waste, and enough food for all meals for a longer period of time which means you can shop for a week or two at once
  • Have a list of possible alternative meals if your key ingredients aren’t available
    • No beans for your 5 bean chilli? Use your list to choose a different meal instead where the ingredients are all available
  • Be prepared to COMPROMISE – e.g. big tomatoes instead of baby tomatoes, fusilli instead of linguine pasta, couscous instead of rice
  • Make sure your meal plan and food list is varied
    • Don’t eat pasta 10 times a week – vary your carb and protein and vegetables if you can
  • Wipe your trolley handle
  • Use hand sanitiser
  • Go to the store as little as possible, spend as little time there as you can – e.g. once a week, instead of every other day
  • Wash your hands before you go to the supermarket
    • And when you return home!
  • Be considerate, kind and SHARE
  • Buy a couple of items to donate to your local food bank if you can afford to do so


  • Be an idiot and stockpile ridiculous things like toilet roll
  • Be an idiot and stockpile other things like pasta and rice and nutella (?)
  • Buy food you never normally eat or don’t know how to cook
  • Buy food for more than 2 weeks
  • Buy more food than your household can eat before it goes off (food waste?!)
  • Arrive at the store hours before opening times (or during NHS/vulnerable people hours)
    • This means that NHS workers/vulnerable people cannot access the store car park or access the storefront without battling through a crowd of people (hello coronavirus…)
  • Stand too close to people (2m/6ft wherever possible guys)
  • Pick up items and put them back – avoid if possible
  • Steal things out of other people’s trolleys (wtf is wrong with you?!)
  • Fight people (again wtf is wrong with you?!)

Hope that clarifies how to COVID-19 shop for groceries. Hopefully you know this but you shouldn’t really be going out for any other reason than to exercise or grocery shop, unless you’re attending work still (sending love to all key workers).


Be kind and think of others,



P.S. Promise my next post won’t include COVID-19 related antics.

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