It’s that time of year when houses are decorated with pumpkins, orange and red leaves litter the ground, and it starts to get chill. I love Autumn and everything that comes with it (maybe minus the shorter days!).

This is just a really quick post to get the ball rolling again – uni has been my main focus (as it will be until I graduate) so my blog has taken a little bit of a backseat whilst I have gotten back into the swing of things. 6 weeks back into studying and I can safely say final year is BUSY.

I’m hoping to do a few shorter posts whenever I can and some longer ones dropped in here and there! Hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as my previous ones! OH – and before I forget, last month my blog turned ONE YEAR OLD!!! I am so pleasantly surprised by how far it has all come and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Back to the matter at hand… Autumn is here and the festivities have started. Whether that be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Bonfire Night! One thing that is often a secondary thought is what to do with decorations and waste from these festivities!? Often you can use the 3 R’s principle –

– Reduce the amount of waste you produce

– Reuse whatever you can

– Recycle what you can’t use anymore

So here’s just a quick overview of what I did this Halloween with the pumpkin I carved!

carved pumpkin being cut - pumpkins, autumn, carving

Pumpkins are totally tasty and really good for you, seeds and all!! This year I carved my pumpkin (with a little help from friends!) on Halloween. My housemates and I all carved them together and so I asked everyone to ensure they kept the seeds and ‘guts’ (please tell me I’m not the only one who calls it that!). When everyone was finished I washed all the ‘guts’ off of the seeds and dried them on a low setting on the oven, I then roasted them in two different flavours – one sugar cinnamon spice and the other savoury nutritional yeast and pepper. This made literally two whole containers full of seeds for me to snack on (they’re super healthy!).

The day after I carved my pumpkin I decided to turn it into a delicious sweet treat for my housemates and I Pumpkin pie is massively popular in the USA but for some reason isn’t really eaten much in the UK, which I find so strange because it’s SO DELICIOUS. I scraped out a thin layer of the carved pumpkin and washed it all to ensure that there was no wax residue ( I only burned a candle inside it for 5 minutes but I wanted to be sure it was clean). I then roasted the pumpkin cut side down in 1/2″ of water in a roasting tray, this then once cooked could be blended into pumpkin puree perfect for pumpkin pie! I adapted a recipe from ‘JoyFoodSunshine‘ for a dairy free pie. I even had some pumpkin puree left over from baking that I used to make creamy vegan mac and cheese!! Pumpkin and squashes are SO versatile.

pumpkin pie with marshmallows - pumpkins, autumn, baking, dairy free

If you don’t have a pumpkin to hand then fear not! There will be plenty left in the shops from Halloween and also plenty of other autumnal (seasonal) squashes that are even more delicious. Plus you get bonus points for buying seasonal produce which helps to reduce your carbon footprint! Why not give it a go?

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