I don’t even know where to start. It’s been about a week since I got back and I am missing it so much already.

For those of you who don’t know, a couple of weeks ago I went to China! Ever since I was a little girl the two places I have always wanted to travel to have been China and Japan. The culture and history are so interesting and of course, the food is divine! I decided to tick something exciting off of my list by heading out to Beijing this summer.

I ended up staying for 2 weeks, I wish I had longer there but I am grateful for everything I was able to do in that time. The wonderful company and the incredible sights made the hours of travel  completely worthwhile.

The trip had so many incredible moments, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and hope it is the first of many trips over there. I assumed I would love it, but didn’t realise how much until I had experienced it.

Brief overview:

I arrived pretty early morning on the first day and by 10am, I had dropped my bags off at the apartment and we headed back out to Jingshan Park. For a variety of reasons, whilst I was there the pollution levels were very low, meaning the views from the pavilion at Jingshan Park were beautiful.  Of course a photo is never as good as the real thing but I have tried to capture some of the moments!

view in beijing from jingshan park

We also got interviewed by Chinese television (CCTV). The interviewer was asking us why we were in Beijing and what we do, which was an interesting experience! (Do let me know if you see the clip online anywhere as I haven’t found it yet!).

Of course during my trip I also went to visit a wall that was pretty darn great…
The day we went it had been raining in the morning. We visited the Mutanyu part of the Great Wall of Chinal (known to be slightly less mobbed with tourists!). Due to the rough weather in the morning, when we arrived at the Great Wall it was super quiet. It was so peaceful, you don’t realise the scale of the structure until you’re actually hiking up the steps!

sat on the great wall of china

Some of the days I spent with people I knew in Beijing, experiencing more of what it is like to live an every day life there. I loved that I was able to experience both sides of the coin.

Other tourist sites I visited included: the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Longqing Gorge, the Lama Temple and the Confucius Temple.

I am almost certain that it won’t be too long before I head back to China! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I’ll be putting up more photos over there.

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