I’ve avoided speaking about the climate strikes for a while now, it’s been a mixture of reasons from feeling like I don’t know enough about them, to feeling like it’s the youth’s movement (do I count as a youth still? as a 20-something year old?) to being so overwhelmed with daily life and other ongoing that my brain hasn’t had room for keeping up to date with the most recent developments. (Cue photo of me burying my head in the sand).

As someone who likes to think of the self as an environmentalist/ environmentally conscious, I do feel often that I should be doing more in terms of activism. But I’m learning that you can’t do everything and doing something is better than doing nothing… Sometimes it feels like if you can’t commit to something then it’s not worth doing but everything helps. So, I’ve decided to use my platform to talk about something I feel so passionately about and should have addressed a while ago- Climate Change.

Climate change captured my soul the moment I learnt about it and hasn’t let go. It’s something I feel so passionate about and yet so helpless. I’ll be honest I haven’t attended any of the “Fridays for Future” events before despite thinking I should and wanted to. So now is my chance to accept my guilt, change my actions and actually get involved!

That’s the reason I decided to change my hiking trip plan on holiday last minute (sorry Hannah and Ali) and join in with a strike and march through Riga in Latvia yesterday. I just felt like it was time that I showed up – showed up for the people, the school kids, the planet and for myself.

The Riga Climate Strike was so great! I’d say there were maybe 200 people there? So I was really happy we went and boosted the numbers. Most things were in Latvian but a couple of the speeches were said in English too and the chants we’re half in English which was great to get involved in!

I will definitely be getting involved in more climate activism, and I urge you to as well!!!!

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