I accidentally ended up hiking (and summiting!) the highest peak in England and Wales a few weeks ago…

hiking, hike, hiked up mount snowdon, photo at the top of snowdon

So earlier this semester I decided it was about time I actually joined the UoM Hiking Club (after a couple of years of saying I should and not doing it!). I love to hike and wish I did it more often.

My friend and I signed up to one of the freshers hikes (despite being final year students) and on a Saturday we woke up reasonably early for a trip to Snowdon. At this point I had not realised quite how high Snowdon was, it had been a while since I had last gone hiking so I was a bit surprised when my friend casually dropped it into conversation that Snowdon is the highest peak in England and Wales!

It was actually my first time ever going to Wales, so it was a bit strange to suddenly see Welsh signs everywhere. But it was so beautiful!

Hiking Route

We started off at Pen-y-pass and took the route took the Pyg route up and then the miners track back down. The route we took was 12km and 600m in elevation, we made it to the summit!!

sign for snowdon on the trail - hiked, hiking, snowdon, wales

We got rained on a little bit but nothing too bad fortunately! I had such a lovely time and definitely want to go back at some point soon. It’s safe to say I’ll definitely be attending more hikes this year!




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