I will admit that for a long time I have had the unpopular opinion of disliking London.

The smell, the rudeness, the business, the exhaustion, the list goes on. But I’ve been visiting London more and more lately and am starting to see the charm behind all the negatives.

This weekend I was once again in Shoreditch and happened to be there on Sunday (market day). So we went for a stroll along brick lane and the surrounding markets.

Just as we entered the market we stumbled into a shop along the side called Dark Sugars, a cocao house. We ended up buying 2 of their “overdose” chocolate truffles and a cinnamon hot chocolate (dairy-full and not for me), they were both beautiful. These “overdose” chocolates were part of their vegan range which was huge!

When we left to go to the markets I was so hungry, and if anywhere was going to have a good selection of “free from” foods (that weren’t free from flavour), it was going to be Brick Lane market. After about 5 minutes of wondering we stumbled across about 3 or 4 vegan and gluten free stalls. I chose to get the berry pancakes from OSU Coconuts. I honestly have no words, these were the best vegan & gluten free pancakes I had ever tasted. They were smothered in coconut salted caramel sauce which was divine, would highly recommend to even people who can eat normal food.

Photo 29-10-2017, 14 00 51

The markets around Shoreditch are brilliant in general for a number of reasons besides the food. The markets allow many small business to have in person stalls as well as their online stores. They are often run by brilliant people, like Ocean Lines. Interacting with small businesses allows you to really get to know the people and the story behind the products, which in my eyes adds more value to the items you are buying.

Photo 29-10-2017, 14 09 06

London is full of so much opportunity and diversity there really is something for everyone. I can officially say I now love London, don’t know if I’d go as far as living there though..!



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